Meet The Owner

Welcome to Goated Lash LA, 

My name is Britney and I’m from Los Angeles, California. Most of my life I always wanted to work with children, I had a passion for helping kids and being able to engage with them. After a few years in college, I finally realized my heart was else where. I always knew I wanted and could be my own boss. I worked as a Nanny, I worked in Real Estate, but nothing felt complete. 

When I least expected it, lashing and the opportunity fell right into my lap. After my first course in 2018 I practiced every day, every night, and always during my free time. It wasn’t easy being a stay at home mom, but I was dedicated and determined. After a year and half of lashing, I started to offer training which has opened even more doors. There are so many ways to grow in this industry. However, it starts with believing in yourself and trusting the process. I want to empower others to become successful entrepreneurs. Goated Lash LA is determined to provide quality products, and education. 


The Company

Welcome to Goated Lash La where we are determined to provide girl bosses all over with premium eyelash extension products and services. We take pride in our services and products and it  is our mission to empower lash artists to become successful entrepreneurs.